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Satinder Brar, Mohali

Updated: Apr 4

Organic farm in early morning sun
Fields in early morning

Mrs. Brar runs a six acre organic farm in Village Hoshiarpur in New Chandigarh, Mohali.

She grows a wide variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and cereal grains with natural & organic agriculture practices at Brar Organic Cosmic Farm.

"From the very beginning I love to be with nature, at home too I spend at least one hour with my plants. What inspired me into farming was ShivYog Farming. In 2012 I joined ShivYog Healing Program and in 2016 Babaji taught us how to tap resources from universe and the sun. So in 2017 I took this land on lease and started practising farming by meditation. Besides meditation I follow Tara Chand Bhelji practices of Jaivik rasayan."

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