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Parampal Singh & Mandeep Kaur Dhaliwal, Mohali

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The couple practices regenerative farming at their 1.5 acre organic farm.

The farms, Dhaliwal Regen Foods, is located in village Todar Majra, near Chunni, in Mohali district. It's a combination of orchard and seasonal vegetables, and will soon be having grass fed free range chickens for eggs.

"I was initially motivated by Paul Gautchi who showed me how easy farming basically was. Latest I'm following Charles Dowdings method of no till agriculture"

Why did you start organic farming?

Mr. Dhaliwal has a science and management background, and hails from Muktsar district where his family has been farming since many generations.

"At my native place in Muktsar we used to do traditional cotton farming where we used to spray about 30-35 types of pesticides in a 6 month period. When my whole family was diagnosed with celiac (basically an auto immune disorder) this was a wake-up call for me."

"So in our farm we have a no till no kill method of farming. We mulch the soil with compost and plant in it. We do not require any kind of additives. We practise regenerative agriculture thereby we do not let any organic matter go to waste or out of the farm. Everything is composted or fed to the chickens."

Mr. Dhaliwal encourages consumers to visit his farm and have a 'behind the scenes' experience of how organic food starts its journey at a farm before reaching their kitchens & dining tables.

Farm Inspected on:

November 2021

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