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• Handmade Artisanal Cheese from A2 milk of Pahari Cow - raised & fed entirely on organic farm.

• The cheese is made in small batches from raw, non homogenised, non pasteurised milk. This way, the key cultures and bacteria naturally present in the milk are retained and eventually help in the cheese making process.

• Ingredients: Organic A2 Milk, cultures, vegetarian rennet and himalayan rock salt.

A2 Milk Cheese - Red Leicester

PriceFrom ₹360.00
  • • Dinesh Sharma, Solan

  • • Red Leicester cheese is an English cheese which is very similar to Cheddar. However, this is aged for a lesser time than Cheddar.

    • It is a bit more moist and typically aged for at least 4 months but can be aged for upto 1 year.

    • The cheese is a bit crumblier. The reddish / orange colour is due to annatto, a key natural colouring that is added at the time of making the cheese.

    • This cheese on offer here is aged for about 5 months.

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