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Multiple-purpose Cleaner

Multiple-purpose Cleaner

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• Versatile & Eco friendly cleaning solution made of Reetha (Soap-Nuts) & Citrus Bioenzyme in 750ml re-used & re-usable glass bottle.

• Ingredients: 80% Soapnut Concentrate (soapnuts, water), 20% Citrus Bioenzyme (fermented citrus peels, jaggery, water)

• Source Farm: Nurtured by Nature, Solan (Dinesh Sharma)

  • Farm Details

    • Dinesh Sharma, Solan
  • Usage Instructions

    Please adjust it as per your application and experience.

    • Laundry / Dishwasher / Floor mopping : 40 to 60 ml depending on load

    • Hair Cleanser  : 10 to 20 ml (create a foam by shaking in a bottle or churn in a blender)

    • All purpose cleaner : Depending upon surface or item to clean use as is or dilute with water

    • Other uses : Tile, glass & kitchen counter cleaning,  bathing pets, washing fruits and veg.

  • Handling/Precautions

    Please take the following precautions:

    • Avoid consuming it. While it is not toxic, soapnut is not very palatable and is extremely bitter.

    • Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly with water in case it does enter.

    • Please test the greywater application on your plants or a small patch of your garden first before using it extensively.

  • Shelf life & Biodegradability

    • The Multi-purpose Cleaner will last at least 3-4 months due to the blend of soapnut and bio enzyme. Further shelf life can be increased by keeping it refrigerated or freezing into ice cubes. Use 1 or 2 cubes when required.

    • The greywater after use can be used to irrigate the garden & plants. It also helps in improving soil health and providing nutrition to the plants.

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