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Seema Jolly, Mohali

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

She is the coordinator for the Chandigarh Organic Market and grows seasonal vegetables, grains, oil seeds and pulses in her five acre organic farm in Nayagaon

Organic farm Mohali, Chandigarh

Details & Background

Seema Jolly, who has masters in economics and left her job in Delhi to do organic farming at Karoran village near Chandigarh. She was inspired by Subhash Palekar's zero budget natural farming, visited farms where his model was being practiced and decided to foray into organic farming, a dream she had cherished since long.

Why did you start organic farming?

"Farmers and consumers have to become conscious of how growing and consuming chemical laden food is killing the planet. The government needs to launch more schemes and incentives for organic growers. Exclusive organic farmers' markets and festivals should be supported by the states."

Farm Inspected on:


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