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Chandigarh Organic Farmers Market

Fresh , Healthy & Convenient

Organic fruit, vegetables, groceries & more - delivered to your doorsteps - from traceable & verified organic farms.

Stock Up on Your Health

Home Delivery

Free Home Delivery*

Above ₹999 in Tri-City

Above ₹1999 in Suburbs


Please order by Friday 5pm


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Delivery/Pickup @ Saturdays

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Organic Farms - Chandigarh Punjab Haryana Himachal
Sustainable, Regenerative Farming
160+ acres of organic farmland
Chandigarh Organic Farmers Market
Community Supported Agriculture
For a better & healthier future
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Most Popular Categories

Organic Gur Shakkar

Healthy Sweeteners

Gur Shakkar

No Additives or Chemicals

Organic Salads Herbs


Fresh Organic

Salads & Herbs

Your Daily Antioxidant Supply

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