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Healthy, Traceable & Convenient

Organic fruit, veg., groceries & more.
Direct from verified organic farms.

Stock Up on Your Health

Free Home Delivery*

In entire TriCity & Suburbs


*Minimum order amounts applicable

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2pm to 6pm

On Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

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Order online by 3pm

​Pick pre-sorted/packed order as per your convenience.

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COFM Organic Farms

Sustainable, Regenerative Farming

160+ acres of organic farmland

Farmers Market

Community Supported Agriculture

For a better & healthier future

Organic Gur, Shakkar, Khand

Healthy Sweeteners 

Gur, Shakkar,
Desi Khand

No Additives or Chemicals
Fresh Organic Salads

Seasonal Fresh 

Salads & Herbs

Your Daily Antioxidant Supply
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